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11 Career Coaches helping job seekers navigate the great resignation...

Tania Mendes is a career success coach who specializes in helping “high performing women get hired, paid, and promoted into .

You In 22: Get That Promotion With Career Coach Tania Mendes

This week's episode is about KILLING IT IN CORPORATE. 

How to Jumpstart Your Career Development

Career development is a process in which you take steps to manage and advance your career through several methods, including self-assessment, mentorship, networking and developing new skill sets. 

Here's my story...

When I started off my career I was excited, anxious and nervous. I had just graduated from ASU and had $70k+ in student loan debt. I took the safest job option at the time and accepted the offer on the spot (big mistake). It wasn't until I was at my lowest point,  living paycheck to paycheck, working another job on top of my full-time job, studying for my Masters, and mentally depleted that I decided to quit. I was tired of being undervalued, overworked and underpaid.
So, I quit in search of a role more aligned with who I was and my strengths.

I knew I wanted to be able to show up in the workplace authentically and unapologetically. I ended up matching up with my dream job that had all the qualities I wanted - double the pay, all the extra added benefits, but more importantly the ability to lead a team and bring my full self to work.

No code-switching, no playing small, no Sunday-scares, no trying to fit into a box.  

Since then I’ve been able to make 6 figures, become #debtfree, develop professionally and manage one of the largest teams in the country. I've been able to change my life, and now my mission is to help other women change theirs and change the workplace. 

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