How to prepare for your mid year review in three easy steps!

Do you ever get anxious or overwhelmed by mid-year reviews? You know that you've worked your ass off but don't know the best way to share all your wins or you overthink what to share and you end up not sharing much? If so, this guide was created just for you! 

Mid-year performance reviews can be your biggest tool to show your manager what you've been working, what you've accomplished and where you're headed. Here's the breakdown on what and how to organize yourself for your review. 

1. Prepare

Create a folder on your desktop called "brag book". This will be your storage file for all things important to your role: job description, yearly goals, KPI's, and any end of month reports that show your progress.

2. Keep Track 

The key to a successful mid year review is having receipts of all the things you've done throughout the year. Keep track by making this a part of your weekly and monthly routine.


  • Capture and save any big wins throughout the week. Take a...
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